“As a member of the staff orchestra at Radio City Music Hall in New York for over thirty years, I have often found myself in a position where there was just no time meet my orchestral commitments and still keep up with my Oboe and English Horn reeds. I have found that Lisa Allen has been ready, willing, and more than able to produce very high quality reeds for both instruments. Her workmanship is superb, far better than my own, and her willingness to determine what works best for her clients and then supply those needs is outstanding. Whether you are a professional level player who just can’t keep up with your own reed requirements, or an amateur/student, beginner to advanced, who would rather concentrate on playing the oboe rather than scraping wood, you could not find a better source than Lisa for reeds.”

-Joshua Siegel, New York


“Lisa’s reeds are truly Amazing! Even her standard reeds give a professional sound to my playing and allow me to play the way I want to. Having a good reed is extremely important to playing the oboe, and Lisa’s reeds have met my expectations every time.  If you want a reed that allows you to truly express yourself musically, Lisa’s Oboe Reedery is the place to find it.”  

-Travis, UT


“Hi Lisa. Just tried the new reeds. I know there’s always an enjoyment to a good new reed, but I think these might be the best yet. I don’t think my low notes EVER sounded so pleasant and easy. The tone from top to bottom is sweet. I found myself noodling my favorite memorized excerpts just to hear and feel the sound.

 Thank you!

I’m tempted to say you can’t post this on your feedback page to keep the secret to myself (just kidding), but, judging from your work load, the cats out of the bag anyway.”

-Jim, NH


“I liked all the reeds I tried from Lisa (I tried most of them) and they are all better than what I’d been able to find from numerous sources. My favorites are the Pro reeds; they are as good as the ones my teacher made for me several years ago, maybe even better as they jump octaves so effortlessly. The medium is a beautiful-sounding reed and very easy to play.”

-Steve from Madison, WI


“I have been using Lisa’s pro oboe and English horn reeds for several years very happily!! They have been like a little oboe gift from heaven. I am a professional oboist in a major city and have played them in Broadway style pit gigs, church gigs, operas, orchestras, chamber music and in groups backing stars like Bernadette Peters, Johnny Mathis, and Idina Menzel. Lisa’s reeds frequently get used by my students ranging from middle school beginners to college music majors. They are so dependable, dark, and elegant sounding and most of all enjoyable to play!!! They take much of the worry and stress about reeds away from this busy freelancer. A freelancer’s career is based on their reputation, and my reputation owes a debt of gratitude to Lisa’s amazing reeds!”

-Caitlin, Las Vegas, NV


“Lisa’s reeds are fantastic. Definitely the best I’ve ever come across by far, and I’ve tried many over the years. On top of being a great reed maker, she runs a top notch business. She is reliable, flexible, trustworthy and consistent. She is understanding, compassionate, and helpful. As I am now freelancing and teaching in Brazil, I have had several stressful situations related to international shipping. She has always gone above and beyond to assist me through them, gathering information for me and being 100% responsive to my numerous requests. She has always worked with me when I’ve had to put a rush on an order, and always with a positive attitude. I will always recommend Lisa to anyone interested in purchasing fantastic completed oboe reeds. Thank you, Lisa!!!!”

-Christina, Brazil


“Before I found out about Lisa’s oboe reeds, I was searching the internet for a few months and buying decent reeds. Then I found Lisa’s Oboe Reedery. I ordered just 1 professional reed to see how good they were and when it came in, it was like a golden beam of light. I first soaked it and crowed it. It came out like it should have (the sound) and I put it in my Oboe and played a few scales. I was surprised at how easy it came out.
I have been using Lisa’s oboe reeds for the past months and I absolutely love them! Words cannot express how incredibly amazing they are. They’ve saved me in dire situations when a concert was coming up soon and such. Just buy a reed for yourself and you’ll understand what I’m saying.  Thanks, Lisa!”

-Brandon, San Antonio, TX


About Lisa

Ever since I began making reeds (in high school), I’ve realized that it’s just as complex an art as oboe playing itself.  I’ve developed an equally strong passion for it and possess a natural ability and instinct as a reed maker.

I began my journey with musical instruments when I was 9 years old in Thornwood, NY, where I grew up. I started playing the flute when I realized that classes could be missed for instrumental music lessons. Very quickly, playing music became a passion for me. Intrigued by the oboe (and the reeds!), I began experimenting with it in high school and found that it was the instrument on which I wanted to base my career.  During my high school junior and senior years, I was accepted by audition and attended both the flute seminar (taught by Doriot Anthony Dwyer, with Ruth Wright) and oboe seminar (taught by Ralph Gomberg, with Eugene Izotov) , respectively, at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute (a.k.a. Tanglewood Music Festival). Accepted on both flute and oboe as an undergraduate at The Boston Conservatory, I affectionately earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Oboe Performance. While attending TBC, I studied with a superb reed maker and oboist (who shall remain nameless per his request to not confuse reed businesses).  I then furthered my musical training, earning my Master’s Degree in Oboe Performance at Manhattan School of Music while studying with Stephen Taylor, one of the highest regarded oboists in the world.  In the midst of my studies at MSM, I held the principal oboist’s chair with the Colorado College Summer Music Festival orchestra, under the musical direction of Christopher Wilkins, in Colorado Springs, CO.

As a professional freelancer, I’ve performed on oboe and English horn with various groups in the Boston area,  throughout Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, that include (and are not limited to) the Claflin Hill Symphony Orchestra,  the Concord Chorale, Indian Hill Symphony Orchestra, Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra, and New Bedford Symphony Orchestra. I’ve also doubled on oboe, English horn, flute, clarinet, sax, and/or bass at theaters such as Lyric Stage of Boston, New Repertory Theatre,  the Quannapowitt Players,  The Company Theater, Turtle Lane Playhouse, Vokes Theater, and Wheelock Family Theater of Boston.  Most recently, my reeds were on exhibit at the IDRS 2012 Conference at Miami University, in Oxford Ohio, co-hosted by Andrea Ridilla and Christin Schillinger.

My teaching experiences have included teaching private woodwind lessons to students of all ages, as well as the position of adjunct oboe professor at Boston College.  In 2005, I had the pleasure of instructing a reedmaking masterclass at UNH’s Double Reed Day.

Since I started my reed business in 2003, my reeds have been played by oboists of all  levels throughout the world, in halls as grand as Radio City Music Hall in New York City and the Sydney Opera House in Australia, to the neighborhood public or private school band room, where aspiring oboists are playing their very first notes.  Following a dedicated career as a professional freelance performer, instructor, and reedmaker throughout New England, I now devote my focus entirely on reedmaking in Portage, Michigan, where I call home with my wonderful husband and our darling dogs.