Welcome to Lisa’s Oboe Reedery

I am very pleased to create and offer my professionally hand-crafted reeds for Oboe and English Horn and gouged and shaped oboe cane! My reeds are pleasingly responsive, while maintaining full, rich tone and stable intonation.

At Lisa’s Oboe Reedery, I know that each and every oboist is as different as, well…reeds! Following a dedicated career as a professional freelance oboe and English horn player and instructor, and now fully devoting my abilities to reed making, I understand the various aspects of oboe playing and the specific characteristics desired from a reed such as tone, response, projection and intonation.

Every reed is specially custom-made just for you based on what you tell me about how you like your oboe or English horn reeds. I carefully select, gouge and shape every single piece of cane. Every reed is personally hand-made (without the use of a profiler) and tested by me. I offer reeds for all levels from beginner to professional.

For the reed maker, I offer quality pre-gouged, gouged, and shaped oboe cane at excellent prices, as well as unfinished reeds and blanks.

Whether you’re a new or returning customer, I hope to serve and satisfy your reed needs.  Thanks for visiting!


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